7 Days a Week, 8:00AM until 1/2 Hour after Sunset

and sign-out at register behind handgun house.

  • First come first served, be courteous and share your range time with others.
  • Pick up your brass, empty shells and remove used targets.
  • Place targets on backboards, not on upright supports.  Do NOT shoot uprights!
  • Do not use steel shot on shotgun patterning board.  Patterning board is for shotguns ONLY!
  • Each member may bring ONE guest to the range. (Does not apply to scheduled shoots)
  • Shotguns are NOT allowed on the handgun range.
  • Eye and Ear Protection are Required!
  • Obey rules posted at the handgun and rifle ranges.
  • Lock entrance gate after entry and upon leaving.
    No noise louder than gunfire.  No exploding targets.

PLEASE observe these simple rules to keep the range nice for all our members and our neighbors happy!