Any citizen of the United States, 18 years of age or older and a member in good standing in the National Rifle Association, may become a member of the True Sportsman Club.  To become a member one must submit a membership form and payment of annual dues and have approval from the Executive Committee.


$75/ member

Renewal applications will be mailed out to each current club member immediately after the New Year’s Day holiday.  Members will have until January 31 (one month) to submit their renewal applications after which time membership in the club will be opened to new members, those who are on the Waiting List.  Applications will be sent out and received by those on the Waiting List until the maximum number of members is reached.

The Executive Committee will set the annual dues and the maximum number of members for each year at the Annual Meeting (see Calendar)

Sorry, but entry onto the “Waiting List” has been temporarily suspended due to the huge increase in those interested in joining the TSC.   We certainly wish we had a larger facility to accomodate all of you and apologize for the long wait for those of you who have been so patient.  If  your name is on the “Waiting List” it will remain there until you either receive a membership application or until you notify us otherwise.